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Welcome to Gran Paradiso Guide

Specialists of the Gran Paradiso and valleys of Lanzo
My goal is to help you learn about the area, climb the highest peaks along the routes and hidden ... but also reach the highest peak, the Gran Paradiso 4061 m
In summer I can offer, the classic climbs of the Gran Paradiso or the countless 4000 of the Alps, for winter climbing the frozen waterfalls and ski touring in the spring with our haute-routes. but if you fancy a day of rock climbing we will cocnoscere the legendary Orco Valley or the beautiful granite of the valley of Piantonetto.

Gran Paradiso Guide aims to provide the thirty years of local knowledge and ten years of professional experience around the Alps, to let you know and appreciate what for me is one of the lesser known but certainly fascinating massifs of the western Alps

Knowing the Gran Paradiso with me
We are not only professionals, we are also of the fans who frequent the mountains and also play sports in their free time.



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