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haute route
An haute route is a discovery path: traverses, mountain huts, peaks to climb and glaciers to walk; a sort of adventure holiday and mountaineering old style, without anxiety, looking for communion with the environment, physical and mental engagement. Our proposals are selections of paths suitable for everybody; a guarantee of safety and technical organization by UIAGM mountain guides, a category of professionals who can transmit the cultural complexity of the mountain environment and the wide-reaching heritage of Alpine knowledge.

Gran Paradiso Tour
The tour of the Gran Paradiso is as good as any of the better known Alpine itineraries. Its main summit, which is just over 4000 metres, its majestic peaks, its glaciers and the wild valleys that you traverse are top level environments that are truly unforgettable. The stages are relatively short and the welcoming atmosphere of the huts situated at an average altitude of 2500 m, all of which are excellently managed, make this tour a time for relaxation as well as a sporting challenge.

Gran Paradiso
: 5 days
: from June to September


Giro delle 3 valli
The tour pivots on the mountain chains P. Galisia- Bouson- Basei, it touches three valleys- the Orco, Rhems and the Isere valley and it develop between two important national parks, the French one of Vanoise and the Italian one of Gran Paradiso. The route, without remarkable difficulties, winds between glaciers and panoramic edges, perfect terrain to approach the high mountain environment, without inconveniences, thanks to the many comfortable huts standing at height fairly low. The route passing trough a great variety of landscapes and the certainty to meet many of the animals living in these protected areas makes the tour exciting and interesting not only in a sport point of view.

: Gran Paradiso - Vanoise
4 days
from June to September


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